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This is an article written by the Collective Works Engagement Team to share our knowledge of the Singapore Market.
December 14, 2017

Tanjong Pagar: Local Gems & Resources

We welcome an average of 20 new faces to our Capital Tower location every month, and while Tanjong Pagar is a relatively well-known area, not everyone is familiar with the vicinity. From simple questions on where to eat and have a drink to where the closest amenities and services are, we found it extremely useful to share some notable landmarks in the area with our members.

If you are new to Singapore or Tanjong Pagar, here are a few good to know places from our Community Engagement Consultant Helen Starr: 


Downtown Gallery – just around the corner
Downtown Gallery is a fantastic place to dine and shop with a host of amenities to boot.

Start by grabbing a drink from The Whisky Distillery who carry around 200 types of rare whiskies (and they host tasting sessions and private events). Then, while the gents get a haircut and shave at Empire of Steel, Flutters will take care of the ladies’ beauty needs. Lastly, stop by The Providore for some of top notch produce – don’t forget to check out their deli with its own cheese room!

If you ever need a post office, SingPost has a branch here as well on the third floor.


Conference Room and Auditorium - just downstairs
Beyond our meeting rooms, there are two large meeting rooms with a great foyer to host your reception on the 9th floor of Capital Tower which are available for hire at tenant rates (simply ask one of our staff members):

International Plaza – just across the road
International Plaza houses lots of little gems, with a host of wallet friendly eateries and handy services including tailors, printers and banks. While exploring the nifty shops, don’t forget to grab a cup of freshly brewed coffee at Alchemist.

Stationery – at reception
Collective Works has a ready supply of stationery available for purchase, just ask the lovely ladies at the reception. Can’t find what you want? Perhaps International Plaza listed above might!

Sweet Cravings – at your doorstep
In need of a sugar hit? Plain Vanilla and Lamb Cupcakery might do the trick with their selection of cupcakes or reward yourself (and your friends) with ROYCE’ Chocolates. Randy Indulgence and Yole at Tanjong Pagar Centre round up alternative choices with acai bowls and frozen yogurt.

Signs, Banners and Documents - delivered to your door
Need promotional or event items made and delivered, on time, right to your door? Look no further than Print Station.


Further Afield

Beyond the area, here are some other common places that crop up in conversation:


Art Friend – just over the river
Paint, hobby crafts, sketch books and note pads all at reasonable prices and great quality. 

Tried and Tested Tailor – over in Far East Plaza
Take your favourite shirt or dress to be replicated by Sam’s Custom Tailors 

Alternative to IKEA? Head to Castlery – a taxi ride to River Valley
Whether you’re furnishing your first flat in Singapore or looking to spruce it up, Castlery offers a reasonably priced alternative to IKEA. 

Don’t forget to share any little gems that you have found along the way in the comments below. The Collective Works community would love to hear about them - no matter how obscure!

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Helen is the Community Engagement Consultant for Collective Works where she is responsible for the attraction engine of the business. She works across marketing and membership teams to create a full and engaging work environment for our members. Helen strongly believes that the success of our clients is the best indicator of our success as a host space.

Having arrived in Singapore in July 2017, Helen is a new face to Singapore and is excited to travel and explore the surrounding cultures. With a background in multimedia and graphic design as well as firefighting, she is enthusiastic about working in such a dynamic community.

Visit her author bio page to find out more about Helen and connect with her social profiles.



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