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Pooja Gulati

Pooja is the Account Manager at The Giles Agency which helps deliver communications support that help craft writing, design, and digital projects that produce results as well as consultancy designed to enrich your marketing capabilities that help promote your brand.

The Giles Agency

August 20, 2018

How to Train Like a Professional

Having provided professional training courses as part of their core business, The Giles Agency shares some of their invaluable insights along the way. Here are some of their top tips, tricks, and advice from their perspective:



I absolutely love working with the small groups in our in-house trainings. It gives me a great insight into what people are struggling with and allows me to give them tailored guidance that will instantly improve their communications. We also use the insights gained to keep enriching the course content for our future students.

The practical exercises we do during our courses sometimes produce some wonderful creative gems. Decades of split testing and data collection have allowed us to create long lists of formulas for winning copywriting. Copywriting has become largely a science. However, when I’m working with my team and when I have the opportunity to work with new people during training, I’m reminded that there’s no replacement for creative flair

One thing many clients struggle with is embracing plain English. Many of us are the victims of a traditional education, and we tend to think long words and long sentences make a more elegant impression. However, extensive research shows that simple and direct writing is much more effective in engaging the reader. It’s hard to shift from one way of thinking to the other, but it can be quite liberating — and, crucially, can get better results.

Since we began offering training, we realised that scheduling can be challenging. It’s often difficult for people to take a full day out of their busy work schedules. That’s why we decided to launch our online courses. The online courses are broken into bite-sized modules that can be consumed when convenient. However, we didn’t want to lose the interactive element, which we feel is essential to effective learning, so we’ve designed courses with a range of interactive options. We hope we’ll be able to work with more people this way, which is very exciting!


Account Manager             

From my experience, most people want personal feedback on their own issues or content, so setting aside time for one-on-one discussion, either during a break or when others are doing exercises, is a very valuable part of our training days. Our full-day courses allow much more time for individual feedback and attention, so are an excellent option for more in-depth and tailored training.

Here in Singapore people usually contact us for help and training on the strategy and branding side of things rather than the basics of copywriting — this is one key difference we’ve noticed between Hong Kong and Singapore.

In terms of preparation, we always make sure we have plenty of extra material and exercises: every group is different. Sometimes you might power through your material quicker than usual (and the last thing you want is to be under-prepared or wasting valuable time), and at other times a group is especially engaged and willing to contribute, which can lead you to go off-script. There’s no right or wrong way to do it; we’re there to help that specific group of people learn in a way that will best benefit them, so a bit of flexibility is key in delivering the best possible session.

Again, as every group is different, as a trainer you need to be aware of your audience and understand that most people (especially here in Asia) loathe to speak up in public — even in a small or familiar group. This means you may need to call on people rather than expect them to shout out answers or offer their viewpoint, but also respect that they may feel uncomfortable if too much is asked of them. You need to make sure everyone is included, even the quiet, shy attendees, in a way that best enables them to enjoy and make the most of the training on offer.

If you have any specific questions about our training courses or other writing services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Pooja at



Pooja Gulati is the Account Manager at The Giles Agency, an agency that helps deliver communications support that help craft writing, design, and digital projects that produce results, enrich your marketing capabilities, and promote your brand.



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