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This is an article written by the Collective Works Engagement Team to share our knowledge of the Singapore Market.
July 03, 2018

Community Snapshot: Collective Trends of 2018

The majority of Collective Works members have been with us for more than 3 years and our coworking spaces have evolved with them. The community we have created at Collective Works is built on an ever-developing and growing team. The reality is most of our members spend more time in the office than at home so it is key to create strong working relationships and build on these to better understand our community as teams and as individuals.

Our recent survey delved deeper into our members' working styles, preferences for time spent outside of work as well as what makes them tick as individuals. Here is what we learned and how this valuable intel helps us create a coworking environment tailored to their needs, preferences and working styles.




The survey results showed significantly higher productivity in the mornings, therefore we offer freshly brewed coffee (everything from cappuccino to americano and lattes) from our own roasted blend first thing to help kick start the day and our centers are fully-operational before 9am to support members' needs and requirements.


In the knowledge that 51% of our members prefer salad-based lunches over more traditional sandwiches or local food, we have secured partnerships with not only healthy option restaurants and takeaways (SaladStop!, Grain & Food Rebel), but also with platforms offering discounts for a wider range of healthy eating options (nomnomby).


No surprise that 70% of members prefer bubbles over beer (what a sophisticated bunch!), so when hosting our regular member engagement events, we will always provide plenty of fizz whilst ensuring a range of craft beers, wines, spirits and interesting soft drinks to keep everyone happy. After all, it is about looking after everyone, not just the majority.




Understanding where our members want to spend their free time is key, especially when Singapore is the starting point for most South East Asian travel (business and pleasure). Interestingly, it was a pretty even split between beach holidays, nature treks and city trips.

We are lucky enough to work closely with member companies in the hospitality and travel industry who extend special discounts and offers to our members. Knowing where our members like to visit and explore helps these companies refine their offers to ensure relevance and added value to our membership.


As cities are the preferred holiday destination of members, we wanted to know which cities were of most interest. Between Bangkok, Hong Kong and Tokyo, Tokyo was the clear winner, perhaps because it is just so different from most other Asian cities, or perhaps this is a direct reflection of our majority expat membership and the natural draw of Japan to westerners with such culturally different backgrounds. Either way, this helps us better understand the relevant articles, forums and discussions that will interest members when planning their annual holidays and getaways.




When looking at tech preferences, it was very useful to know that two-thirds of members use an iPhone while the remaining third are on Android devices. Our desks are designed with deep cable and power trays which would also allow for larger Apple charging plugs and the front desk also provides charging cables and leads for all devices.


Knowing our members’ clear preference for actual books as opposed to e-readers, we ensure an interesting range of books, magazines and newspapers are readily available across all communal spaces as well as providing comfortable and quiet areas for members to relax and read during their down time.


Unsurprisingly, most of our members interact across 3 or more social media platforms, which presents the need to communicate to our members and wider community via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well as tailor our messaging accordingly across multiple platforms. This ranges from member successes, fun shares, corporate announcements, benefits for members and interesting news through blog posts, newsletters, photos, videos and infographics just like this.




Almost half of our members speak 3 or more languages, showcasing amazing diversity in terms of culture, background and travel experience. In addition, the majority of our members have lived in 3 or more countries (51%). Thus, providing forums for members to connect and opportunities for them to share their cultural experiences and practice language skills is key to building a community of like-minded individuals.




These last few were just for fun as it never hurts to know that 18% of members prefer birds over cats and dogs. And through this we learned one of our members owns 2 talking parrots called Kev and Mel. Kev says 'hello' along with lots of bird noises whereas Mel is very chatty with a wide vocabulary ranging from ‘Ciao’ to ‘want some toast?’ and yes, he does like toast!


Equally knowing the clear majority of Collective Works members side with the Avengers over Justice League helps individuals start conversations with others they never realized they had anything in common with. Personally, I am sucker for Ben Affleck as Batman but I do also appreciate Robert Downey Jr is not short of female fans!



The survey results showcase the dynamic, diverse and engaging community we have created at Collective Works. The results add to the ongoing conversations between members which help build on their existing relationships and add value to their membership. If you a member reading this, thank you for being part of the Collective community! And if you are not a member, please do visit our website where you can find out more about Collective Works, our background and our mission towards building long term relationships within our community.



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