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Miles Gooseman

Miles Gooseman

Miles Gooseman’s professional experience in the financial industry spans over 13 years, where he specialises in wealth management, tax planning and providing comprehensive report based advice. He has a detail-oriented personality and technical ability that enables him to consistently provide transparent and ethical advice to his clients.

Miles is a Financial Consultant with The Fry Group Singapore, a holistic financial planning service that has been in practise for 117 years. He first started in June 2011, not only providing advice to investors but also conducting seminars and events on topical subjects of interest to clients in Singapore.

In 2014, he was awarded the British Chambers of Commerce Young Professional of the Year title at the 15th Annual Business Awards. He has also been recognised as Singapore's #1 Expatriate Financial Advisor for two consecutive years.

In addition to that, Miles was elected Co-Chairman of the Entrepreneur & Small Business Committee through the British Chamber of Commerce. He runs a committee of 10 members on a volunteer basis and since then has successfully grown the Chamber’s membership by over 400 new members. He is responsible for organising educational seminars for entrepreneurs, SME business groups as well as the monthly decision maker dinners.

Miles is interested in networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and industry leaders to share business experiences, strategies and trends. He believes in the power of building relationships and has believes in working with his clients with utmost honesty, transparency and trust.

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