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Kathryn Woof

Kathryn Woof

Kathryn Woof is the Co-Founder/MD, Client Solutions of 33 Talent.

33 Talent has been a member of Collective Works for over 4 years now, and one of the reasons we love it here is because the team takes away so much of the work we’d have if we had our own office space. Every little thing they do for us every day - from maintaining internet and phone lines, to collecting the mail, to providing gorgeous meeting spaces to use with our visitors - takes away work we’d otherwise have to do ourselves, and for a small business, is worth every penny.

We use the same concept with our own clients (some of whom are fellow Collective Works members) but of course our focus is on all things recruitment & HR and related, rather than office space! Small business owners in general don’t have the budget to hire a dedicated HR person, or spend money on recruitment fees every time they want to hire a new team member, and they definitely don’t have the time to take care of sourcing/hiring/managing/attracting new employees themselves.

Our solution? HR support as and when you need it, usually on a subscription basis to keep costs low, 100% tailored to your needs and budget. Interested? Contact or view our solutions.

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